• Selembar Ucapan Yang Ditetapkan

    Selembar Ucapan Yang Ditetapkan - riri approached, the waiter arrived -Arrived lestoran it gives me a small piece of paper "keep wolles, keep smile, dont leave me" and then I was confused, what the purpose.


    of the speech riri itu.Sedangkan I just do not understand at all riri.Aku speech was viewed riri is being hailed a taxi blue berd, and entered the car, when I run and chase cars, but futile, attempt ku vain, because Langkahan my feet would never be able to reach a speeding car, I decided.


    o meet riri at his home , but when I rang the bell, suddenly, aunt gisele or mama riri approached me, and said "What are you cek resi jne online doing here, you still have embarrassed met with anaku, not satisfied warning to stay away riri aunt, Tante gisele snapped." no aunt, I just aspires to meet with riri, let.


    me just this time "but the treatment I received only a splash of water coming out of the hose spraying plants, so like it or not, I went home with a base kuyub, when I was holding the cold when it arrived -Arrived ucapan ulang tahun se dogs come mengejarku..Aku ran with all my might I even filled with disappointment.

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