• Salah Satu Cerpen Yang Sangat Menarik

    Salah Satu Cerpen Yang Sangat Menarik - and I mengegam her hand tightly, and I pull my riri and take him to the first place where we are united in love .When until the rain stopped. and without me knowing now the sky showed a beautiful rainbow that. "ri, see deh, rainbow beautiful is not.


    smiling happily" "you know ka, rainbow for me it ap" "not andri, memangnya what? ? ' rainbow came when the rain stopped, so it emits cerpen cinta sedih so anything with me, though so long I are fantasizing you're a lover of my future, but now fantasy became a reality after so many trials barrage.


    over to me, but to finally produce results that make me happy "but riri just smiled at that." ri, you are embarrassed not have a girlfriend fool like me "" no, precisely because of your stupidity that got me in love with you.

    ko can "" of course, because of your stupidity is always carve a smile on my life "holds my hand tightly." You did not promise we'll always be together "" I promise ko, though Mamah I do not agree with this kata kata bijak cinta relationship, but I'm sure, as hard as a rock, one day he would be destroyed, so no human feelings.

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