• Menariknya Pantun Yang DIsaksikan - now turn riri forward to sing "blame when this sense comes into its own, is it wrong when it comes to feeling selamanya.Apa whether these feelings are.


    reasonable terhadapnya.Oh god, why compassion is so fast pervasive sense ku.Mengapa spirit and soul began to touch ku.Ketika fingers bayangmu increasingly difficult ku rengkup, while waves of love, longing waves, they flowed like a river in the rainy season, like the ocean.


    waves, sunyg fog began to creep in my heart "when a song he sings unfinished, Suddenly riri went downstairs and leave the kata kata galau cinta event with a sob tears, I wonder those times, when I aspires menyamperinya, but my.


    name is already in the call by MC's, and at that moment, when I sang "you mu just a dream" suddenly my tears trickled pantun cinta romantis away, and after the song ended I sing a lot of pats on the penonton.Dan I was constantly looking for riri from corner to corner, but no nose at all riri.Lalu when I wanted to run.

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  • Haus Dengan Kata Kata Mesra - I'm thirsty "riri said." yasudah, you want to drink ap? "" I want ice lollipops wrote "riri menujuk toward the iceman." Yasudah, if sepperti it, you wait there "15 minutes passed, I ran towards riri." ri, rich money I ilang deh "I said." ilang why andri? "do.


    not know ri, I had brought the money 20 thousand, to buy the ice two 10,000 to buy these foods 8000, then in 2000 her I love create paid parking, continues to rest where" I'm confused. "idiot, yah abis odong lah "riri ruffling hair aku.Namun I ignored, and mengagap it was becoming.


    a mystery to me, why can my money runs out." andri, you pick me up tomorrow, well, we went to school togetherand ucapan selamat tidur romantis I just nodded. To esokannya, the school held a contest menyanyi.Bagi wins will get cash of 10 million, I also intend to attend it, because if I win the future, I will give you.


    a heart necklace untunk riri, but I still merahasikaanya kepda riri.Lalu without to my knowledge, riri was also following kata kata motivasi kehidupan the singing contest. One week later, the race was in the title of singing talent, one per single participant has to show his best performances

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  • This Is Kata Best - The second brother also showed newly purchased items to Senna. When feels tired, Senna and his family returned to the hotel to rest their bodies in order to welcome tomorrow.


    At the beginning of the next day, she woke three of their children to get ready to go to the next tourist destination, Borobudur. They are very happy and excited to visit the temple. Indeed, this is not the first time for all three brothers. However, their enthusiasm has not diminished one bit.


    Earlier, Mother had hired a car and driver that would take them today. Yes, she does figure highly attention to everything in detail. They depart from the hotel at 7 am in order to enjoy the atmosphere of the temple before the benefits of the morning sun that have various properties lost already.

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