• Salah Satu Cerpen Yang Sangat Menarik - and I mengegam her hand tightly, and I pull my riri and take him to the first place where we are united in love .When until the rain stopped. and without me knowing now the sky showed a beautiful rainbow that. "ri, see deh, rainbow beautiful is not.


    smiling happily" "you know ka, rainbow for me it ap" "not andri, memangnya what? ? ' rainbow came when the rain stopped, so it emits cerpen cinta sedih so anything with me, though so long I are fantasizing you're a lover of my future, but now fantasy became a reality after so many trials barrage.


    over to me, but to finally produce results that make me happy "but riri just smiled at that." ri, you are embarrassed not have a girlfriend fool like me "" no, precisely because of your stupidity that got me in love with you.

    ko can "" of course, because of your stupidity is always carve a smile on my life "holds my hand tightly." You did not promise we'll always be together "" I promise ko, though Mamah I do not agree with this kata kata bijak cinta relationship, but I'm sure, as hard as a rock, one day he would be destroyed, so no human feelings.

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  • Menggenggam Kata Kata Yang Tak Mampu Berpaling - airports, but the mother gisele even know the plan of me, he was throwing red roses ku dumpster, sadly not a friend, but I was ignored when I wanted.


    to pursue riri to the airport, but I forgot to have to climb what public transport, and I do not tau Soekarno airport is kata kata indah buat pacar located where ??? I was dazed who do not know where we are heading toward .but fortunately, I met with a friend vira my class, he was happy to deliver me to the airport that.


    in a situation like this, they wrote lo Begonya ga frivolous" vira said. "vir sorry, I've fate became idiot" but when in a precarious atmosphere that happens, the car suddenly stalled fira total. but inevitably I.


    came down and ran towards the airport, and my effort was not in vain fellow, even when it rains hit the capital, as well cerpen lucu bikin ngakak as wet my clothes, I still semngat and until I find riri.aku immediately grabbed the hand.

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  • Bersandar Di Ucapan Yang Sudah Terucap - while ensuring shaped love heart necklace around his neck .Ri, although it is not that expensive necklace necklace that you wear, but I wish you would wear well terus.Aku andri love you .I love you too, long before I .



    At that time, I'm really happy, because there I thought he loved me. "andri, but I think, my parents did not approve of this relationship deh" riri leaning pundaku without feeling the tears out of her eyelids. "let ri, if god destine us to be together I'm sure ko, someday we fused.


     tears out of the eyes riri smenjak .and it, I started together, but shortly after the anniversary of our parents riri also ucapan selamat siang romantis determine the relationship of the two of us, so the aunt decided gisele to.


    send riri to the country with his family to the Netherlands which there .sedih all my feelings, but I am I can not go on in sorrow, I am puisi rindu ayah sure, I will be reunited with riri.dan when pemberangkataan riri arrived, I was trying to throw a red rose into a car that will take him to.

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  • Seberapa Besar Puisi Yang Mampu Membuat Orang Engah - my body really - really hot friend, so I decided to not go to school, and I went for three days did not follow the lessons as biasanya.Namun pain I made riri worry, she came caring for me until I'm healed, I can indulgea.


    back , the announcement of the singing contest was announced today, I saw in mading sekolah.Andri setyo first prize in puisi guruku music children bangsa.Aku delighted when it pemberihan gift was already in my hands, because tomorrow riri birthday, I also intend to provide supraise.


    invited me to a garden garnished red roses, then se the waiter took out a cake which hide inside the cover itu.Lalu I was told riri opened his eyes and saw the cake, alamkah riri surprise when it saw a.


    written "girlfriend" for some reason, riri could realize that this shooting, then iahanya smile .Thank boyfriend Speech .apakah it cerpen persahabatan singkat mean if riri accept me to be his lover, but somehow lah.Lalu I also picked up a guitar and sing happy britday.

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  • Selembar Ucapan Yang Ditetapkan - riri approached, the waiter arrived -Arrived lestoran it gives me a small piece of paper "keep wolles, keep smile, dont leave me" and then I was confused, what the purpose.


    of the speech riri itu.Sedangkan I just do not understand at all riri.Aku speech was viewed riri is being hailed a taxi blue berd, and entered the car, when I run and chase cars, but futile, attempt ku vain, because Langkahan my feet would never be able to reach a speeding car, I decided.


    o meet riri at his home , but when I rang the bell, suddenly, aunt gisele or mama riri approached me, and said "What are you cek resi jne online doing here, you still have embarrassed met with anaku, not satisfied warning to stay away riri aunt, Tante gisele snapped." no aunt, I just aspires to meet with riri, let.


    me just this time "but the treatment I received only a splash of water coming out of the hose spraying plants, so like it or not, I went home with a base kuyub, when I was holding the cold when it arrived -Arrived ucapan ulang tahun se dogs come mengejarku..Aku ran with all my might I even filled with disappointment.

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