• Menggenggam Kata Kata Yang Tak Mampu Berpaling

    Menggenggam Kata Kata Yang Tak Mampu Berpaling - airports, but the mother gisele even know the plan of me, he was throwing red roses ku dumpster, sadly not a friend, but I was ignored when I wanted.


    to pursue riri to the airport, but I forgot to have to climb what public transport, and I do not tau Soekarno airport is kata kata indah buat pacar located where ??? I was dazed who do not know where we are heading toward .but fortunately, I met with a friend vira my class, he was happy to deliver me to the airport that.


    in a situation like this, they wrote lo Begonya ga frivolous" vira said. "vir sorry, I've fate became idiot" but when in a precarious atmosphere that happens, the car suddenly stalled fira total. but inevitably I.


    came down and ran towards the airport, and my effort was not in vain fellow, even when it rains hit the capital, as well cerpen lucu bikin ngakak as wet my clothes, I still semngat and until I find riri.aku immediately grabbed the hand.

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