• Menariknya Pantun Yang DIsaksikan

    Menariknya Pantun Yang DIsaksikan - now turn riri forward to sing "blame when this sense comes into its own, is it wrong when it comes to feeling selamanya.Apa whether these feelings are.


    reasonable terhadapnya.Oh god, why compassion is so fast pervasive sense ku.Mengapa spirit and soul began to touch ku.Ketika fingers bayangmu increasingly difficult ku rengkup, while waves of love, longing waves, they flowed like a river in the rainy season, like the ocean.


    waves, sunyg fog began to creep in my heart "when a song he sings unfinished, Suddenly riri went downstairs and leave the kata kata galau cinta event with a sob tears, I wonder those times, when I aspires menyamperinya, but my.


    name is already in the call by MC's, and at that moment, when I sang "you mu just a dream" suddenly my tears trickled pantun cinta romantis away, and after the song ended I sing a lot of pats on the penonton.Dan I was constantly looking for riri from corner to corner, but no nose at all riri.Lalu when I wanted to run.

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