• Bersandar Di Ucapan Yang Sudah Terucap

    Bersandar Di Ucapan Yang Sudah Terucap - while ensuring shaped love heart necklace around his neck .Ri, although it is not that expensive necklace necklace that you wear, but I wish you would wear well terus.Aku andri love you .I love you too, long before I .



    At that time, I'm really happy, because there I thought he loved me. "andri, but I think, my parents did not approve of this relationship deh" riri leaning pundaku without feeling the tears out of her eyelids. "let ri, if god destine us to be together I'm sure ko, someday we fused.


     tears out of the eyes riri smenjak .and it, I started together, but shortly after the anniversary of our parents riri also ucapan selamat siang romantis determine the relationship of the two of us, so the aunt decided gisele to.


    send riri to the country with his family to the Netherlands which there .sedih all my feelings, but I am I can not go on in sorrow, I am puisi rindu ayah sure, I will be reunited with riri.dan when pemberangkataan riri arrived, I was trying to throw a red rose into a car that will take him to.

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